A Flash in the Pan

I just finished reading The World Without Us by Alan Weisman. It is a superb marriage of speculation and science. The entire book is basically a fleshing out of the quote by architect Chris Riddle that appears at the beginning of Chapter 2: “‘If you want to destroy a barn,’ a faer once told me, ‘cut an eighteen-inch-square hole in the roof. Then stand back.'” Weisman paints a compelling picture of how much human technology has changed the world we live in and also how quickly nature will change it back once we’re gone. Though he is firmly committed to the value of natural processes and natural beauty, Weisman’s tale is remarkably even handed, acknowledging, for the most part, the equally splendid and valuable contributions of humanity’s presence. If you are concerned for the environment and quality of life, you should definitely check it out. If not, and you just want something entertaining, you should still pick up a copy.