Love Hurts

I hate Valentine’s Day. Ok…maybe that’s a bit harsh, but I definitely strongly dislike this made-up holiday in which people in relationships desperately try to please their partner (and out-do other couples) while single people are made to feel incredibly lonely and temporarily excluded from society. Chocolates, flowers, greeting cards, fancy dinners, jewelry…and all on a day when millions of other people are giving the exact same thing to their special someone. Not exactly my idea of romance I guess….I prefer a bit of spontaneity with a hint of non-conformity.

Rather than celebrate an arbitrary day (which everyone agrees was more or less invented by greeting card companies), why don’t we celebrate days that are special to us as individuals? Instead of waiting until February 14 to do something fancy, we should instead celebrate when personal milestones are achieved – job promotions, health goals, etc – whatever makes you happy.

I might add that I’m not an especially angry or bitter person (well…that’s not true…but I’m not angry or bitter when it comes to love, because I’m quite happily married) – I just think this holiday stinks. So if you enjoy Valentine’s Day, more power to you. But if you agree that it’s all a bit over the top and completely unnecessary, you might get a laugh out of the following video (falling in love hurts!!):

An interview with Cupid:

And a creative video from the PostSecret people:




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