A sad day for those who frequent NYC’s Chinatown

Federal authorities arrested 3 Chinese citizens over the past 2 days, accusing them of operating one of the largest counterfeit operations, which involved designer handbags.

The price of those “knock-off” Gucci, Coach, and Louis Vuitton bags purchased on NYC’s Canal St. are likely going to rise after these arrests, though my guess is that there are plenty of people willing to take the place of the 3 arrested and continue bringing the merchandise into the US. I really would love to see the numbers on the price increase – it would show whether authorities significantly curtailed the flow of illegal goods, or merely spent lots of time and resources to catch a tiny drop in a very large and lucrative bucket.

Thoughts? Do you think these arrests will discourage the importation of counterfeit goods, or do you think others will get in line to ensure the products continue to flow into the US?


Source – CNN – “Chinese charged over fake handbags


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