Nurses Also Apparently in Short Supply

How do you solve problems caused by state intervention?  Well, if you ask the Baltimore Sun, the answer is more intervention: “Without intervention, Maryland would be short 10,000 nurses in 10 years, just as the population of aging baby boomers requires more medical care, according to the Maryland Hospital Association.”  There are plans in the works to increase the number of available spaces at Maryland nursing schools in the coming years to help fill the gaps.  Of course, those plans will cost money, money that the schools would like the taxpayers to provide to the tune of almost $40 million.  Lily has already done an excellent job of detailing how shortages in the health care professions are created by state licensing requirements and scope of practice restrictions, so if you’re interested, you should definitely check out her post below.  This is yet another example of an artificial crisis being used to justify expanded state interference.  If the concern is really to supply the necessary number of nurses, the answer is to eliminate governmentally sanctioned obstacles to the operation of the free market.


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