Anti-Choice School Club Demonstrates Need for School Choice

The Washington Post reports on a Virginia teen’s recent court victory allowing her to establish an anti-abortion club at her local public high school.  Rather than focus on the abortion rights aspect of the case (I believe abortion should be legal), I would instead call attention to the absurdity of this lawsuit’s existence.  I completely support Stephanie Hoffmeier’s rights to say whatever she likes and to form a group to help disseminate her views.  I do, however, object to being forced to help fund a message I disagree with, which as long as the club utilizes school facilities, I am being forced to do.  Private initiative is fully capable of supporting and sustaining a diverse culture with a multitude of contrasting and conflicting opinions.  In fact, homogeneity in public opinion usually requires government coercion to be achieved.  Lawsuits like this, while justified under the current system, are expensive and would be completely unnecessary under a system of private education.  It is my belief that society would be much better off with more freedom and more money.  Call me crazy.


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