For those who thought SCHIP was actually about children…

…I would call your attention to the New York Times article discussing the recent vote upholding the President’s veto of the bill. In the article, Rep. Thomas M. Davis III (R-VA), one of the members of Congress who opposed the President’s veto had this to say about his decision:

“He’s not going to get his way on this,” said Mr. Davis, who voted to override the veto and predicted that Mr. Bush would ultimately be forced to sign a measure similar to the one he rejected.

“And he’s jeopardizing people’s careers,” added Mr. Davis, who is contemplating a race for the Senate.

People always complain about not being able to get straight answers from politicians, and there is no doubt that most are highly skilled in the art of circumlocution, but that doesn’t mean they are never honest. In Mr. Davis’s case, his words are plain and his meaning unmistakable, supporting legislation is not about serving the public or upholding the constitution, it is about doing whatever it takes to advance one’s own career.

To me, this is a great argument for why we need term limits…and also why we are likely never to get them.

~ Fox


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