I bet it tastes delicious

Hardee’s has unveiled a new Country breakfast burrito that tops in at 920 calories and 60 grams of fat. To put it in perspective, that’s about half your calories and all of your fat for the day, packaged as a hand-held burrito for the modest price of $2.69. Now, on the one hand, I think if you were poor and could only afford a few bucks worth of food each day you’re getting a decent deal for fat and protein. On the other hand, there is probably no nutritional value beyond that, and if you eat it on a regular basis you are likely to be obese and nutrient deficient (which is an interesting phenomenon if you think about it). You won’t catch me at a Hardee’s anytime soon waiting in line for one of these or their “Monster Thickburger,” but go ahead and enjoy that massive burrito America. Just know that I reserve the right to judge you if I see one in your hand…your heart will thank me for it.




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