Flying First-class at the taxpayer’s expense

Have you ever flown first class (or ever flown at all)? I’ve never traveled first-class, and I don’t plan to in the near future because it’s expensive and not worth the extra money in my opinion….which is why it is particularly irritating to me that Federal employees are upgrading their seats with our tax dollars, resulting in $146 million extra spent on their travel. This comes courtesy of a report from the Government Accountability Office. From the first page of the report there are 4 examples of improper travel that was found:

  • USDA – $163,000 – “Executive had subordinate authorize 25 premium class flights”
  • DOD – $105,000 – “Executive flew premium class 15 times claiming a medical condition. Medical condition was documentation with a note signed by a DOD employee, not a physician as required by DOD regulations”
  • State – $46,000 – “Family of 8 flew premium class to relocate from Washington, D.C. to Eastern Europe. Coach tickets would have cost $12,000”
  • USPS – $2,200 – “A member of the board flew first class round trip from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles. Comparable coach price was $400.”

Several things come to mind – would these people have flown first class if they were the ones footing the bill? My guess for most is “no.” But let’s say they would have flown first-class anyway, because they’re special and that’s the only way they know how to fly. Considering the tax payers are the people funding their travel, and that taxation is more or less theft (be honest, even if you think taxes are necessary, you have no choice whether or not to pay), these workers are stealing from YOU to pay for their luxurious travel. They’re taking money from rich, middle class, and poor workers to fund their upgrade – $146 million worth of pure waste! (sigh) When will we ever learn? This is just one example, from one report, of how much waste a MASSIVE government is capable of. It doesn’t matter whether it is Republican or Democrat dominated – waste is waste. I mean, $146 million? I could think of a lot more useful things to spend that amount on…makes you wonder where else our money is being frivolously spent without our knowledge.



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