Stupid republican debate (Sam Brownback, I’m looking at you)

Sometimes it’s really difficult being a libertarian – I can’t agree with either of the major political parties. Case in point, I’m currently watching the Republican debate on the Fox News channel where they just finished discussing gay marriage. According to Sam Brownback, I’m not married. No I am not gay, I am a woman married to a man, but he was blabbing about “social experiments” and said that marriage should be between a “mom and a dad.” So not only does it have to be between a man and a woman to be official, but you have to have kids? Guess my license is no longer valid until I put my uterus to work.

Ok, I’m sure he didn’t actually mean that you have to have kids (he probably misspoke – but it may have been a Freudian slip…to him I’m probably nothing more than a baby machine). The whole anti-gay-marriage constitutional amendments astound me. It’s such a blatant example of discrimination – who cares what contractual arrangement 2 people want to sign? It doesn’t affect your life. If they love each other and are in a committed relationship, how is that significantly different from any other relationship? And again, how does that affect your daily business? (hint – it doesn’t!) It’s not like some disease – ooh, look out…you don’t want to catch the “gay.” Grrrr…no more debate for me tonight. It’s not good for my health.



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