Sen. Larry Craig – deny deny deny

I guess the Senator now regrets his guilty plea…cause…ya know…he didn’t do anything wrong. His behavior was not inappropriate, and he is not gay. (note excessive sarcasm) To be honest, his behavior wasn’t “gay” as much as it was simply disgusting – I certainly know gay men that wouldn’t be caught dead engaging in such bathroom-stall behavior. Perhaps he should have instead said “I’m not gay…I’m just a pervert who picks up men in public restrooms.” His denial of any wrongdoing is funny – it’s almost like if he repeats it enough times he might actually start to believe it to be true.

I give him a week before he blames it on an alcohol or drug problem and enters rehab to be ‘cured’.

Crazy closeted and suppressed republicans. What will they do next….(more anti-gay legislation is my guess!)



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