200,000 Weapons missing in Iraq

In yet another show of incompetance, our government has misplaced 190,000 weapons in Iray – 110,000 AK-47s and 80,000 pistols (not to mention helmets and body armor). 

The irony of the situation?  The office that released the report is the “Government Accountability Office.”  Hah!  I doubt anyone will be held accountable for the loss, let alone the lives (US and otherwise) that will inevitably be killed with these misplaced weapons.  I’m not sure what the exact problem was, but it seems the distribution system was flawed:

The GAO found the military was consistently unable to collect supporting documents to confirm when equipment was received, the quantities delivered and the Iraqi units receiving it.

These weapons represent 30% of what was given to Iraq between 2004 to early 2007 – call my cynical, but 30% seems like a really high percentage.  I understand that you can’t always control where every weapon goes, but to lose nearly a third is absurd.  I’m sure some government official will start spouting off about how “war is hard…this is a part of war…blah blah blah.”  It’s as if they thought war was going to be a frolic in the park or something.  Mind you, this also comes about a week after the Bush administration announced a weapons deal with Saudi Arabia – yes, we are giving weapons to the country that produced the 9-11 hijackers (a clever plot to eliminate the Al Qaeda middleman?).  Wow…what is possibly going through their heads?  Anyone have some insight?  Because from my perspective its almost as if they are trying to make the conflicts in the Middle East as long and drawn-out as possible. 



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