Honor killings and a (small) step in the right direction

Lebanon cleric, and Shiite muslim, Ayatolla Mohamed Hussein Fadlallah has issued a fatwa that calls for a ban on honor killings. Says the cleric:

“I view an honor crime as a repulsive act, condemned and prohibited by religion.”

Obviously these acts are repulsive – they’re stoning women to death for stupid reasons – but its sad that he can’t simply leave it at that point. No, he must also appeal to those who let their religious views dictate their entire lives; it’s a sad reminder that the only way to convince some people not to commit an atrocious act is to remind them that their holy book condemns it. But there’s a huge problem with using this argument – “holy” books, such as the Koran (or the Bible), are open to many interpretations. One cleric says the book condemns honor killings, but my guess is that someone else could and likely already has presented a case that the book condones it.

Though his ban may cause some people to question their views toward “honor killings,” more religious and political leaders will need to speak out before any real change will occur. That, I’m afriad, may never happen.

For more info on this fatwa click here.


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