There’s no subject left to teach!

Via Aaron Kinney at Kill The Afterlife, a comic that describes what happens when the abstinence-only logic is applied to other school subjects:

There are many things wrong with abstinence-only (i.e. tons of evidence to support it DOESN’T work), not the least of which is the assumption of its pushers that knowledge will suddenly turn people into sinners and criminals:  You can’t teach your kid to use a condom, because then they’ll have sex with everyone. 

I find this is also a similar approach taken by individuals and groups who wish to attack our personal liberties: We can’t trust ordinary people with guns, because then they’ll want to kill everyone.  Or: we must ban the sale and use of any drug, lest everyone become an addict. Or: we can’t allow gays to marry, because next people will want to marry their pets.  What’s interesting is that these arguments tend to come from both the left and the right, as they attempt to “protect” people from themselves (the right tends to protect us from sin, the left from crime), but in the process violate our rights and freedom.  This protectionism mentality must have been around awhile, for even Thomas Jefferson wrote:

“The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.”

I just don’t understand why people are afraid of information – as if having an extra piece of knowledge is the difference between a good or bad person.  I don’t understand why we think we know what’s best for our neighbors, and why we think its ok to go beyond telling them what we think is best to forcing them to live their life as only we deem acceptable.  This mentality is unacceptable, and harmful not only to the people on the outskirts of policy, but to the policymakers themselves, who are also citizens. 

We can’t expect that the political majority will always be representing our views, and thus they should not be allowed to restrict our individual liberties, regardless of whether it is the restriction on public school teachers, or the restriction on the citizens’ right to bear arms.


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