Raise your hand if you think eating at McDonald’s is “good” for you

Any takers?  How about KFC?  No?  I would think most people who walk into a fast-food chain have at least a basic understanding of the quality of food they will be receiving – high fat, high calorie, but quick, cheap, and tasty.  Apparently the state of New York thinks you don’t know this, hence their requirement, in effect as of Sunday, that restaurants list calorie counts side-by-side with menu items. 

What do they hope this will accomplish?  My guess is they expect people will stop eating food that is bad for them, replacing that BigMac with some vegetables and an apple.  What will really happen?  People will continue to order that BigMac but now feel incredibly guilty about it, or just learn to ignore these postings over time.  Plus it will cost money for each restaurant chain to re-configure their signs to comply with this rule (and more work every time a menu item is changed), a cost you can be sure will be passed straight to the consumer.  But maybe New Yorkers are somehow dumber than the rest of the population, and need the state to put more regulations in place in order to “protect” citizens from themselves.  I don’t need the government to tell me how to live my life, and my guess is neither do the great people of NY.


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